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Welcome to
Mission, British Columbia

Partnering with RE/MAX Magnolia when it comes to your Real Estate Investments is truly a step in the right direction. With unbeatable knowledge of the industry combined with Top Producing agents, you can trust RE/MAX Magnolia to not only provide you with the best, most fully equipped service available, but also the RE/MAX standard...
an experience above the clouds.
Mission Bridge at Sunset, Mission BC Canada. Michele Cummins, Mission Realtor

MAGNOLIA is a Miracle Office!


We ARE up and running - but please take note:
The Historic and Successful presence of RE/MAX in Mission is getting a dazzling 'Renovation' of it's own: Revamped and Refurbished - the long held stamp of the RE/MAX brand in Mission is getting elevated with a host of refreshing and revitalizing modernizations!
- Brand New Superior Office Space & Upgraded Facilities.
- Radical Breakthrough State-of-The-Art Technology.
- Distinctive, Contemporary & Streamlined Management.
- Resourceful, Well Informed, and Imaginative Realtors = Effective Agents.
Altogether, a formidable perspicacious Sui Generis soley for the Habitue!
O.K., a Keen, Uncommon, service for the Patron!

So please excuse the dust as we earnestly create the NEW EPICENTER of Real Estate
in Mission B.C. Canada - RE/MAX MAGNOLIA
(You're going to love the shiplap)

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